SCORE Serie A 2022-23 Trading Cards - Box of Fat Packs

Includes 30 cards

2 400 Ft
28 800 Ft

The popular Score brand returns for the new season with the 2022-23 SCORE Serie A trading cards collection, delivering an American-style collecting experience to world football.

The base set includes 200 cards and the following fat pack-exclusive parallels to collect: 
- Lasers (not numbered)
- Blue Lasers (#’d/60)
- Orange Lasers (#’d/35)
- Purple Lasers (#’d/15)
- Green Lasers (#’d/5) 
- Black Lasers (#’d/1). 

Find 4 serial numbered parallels and 20 additional parallels per box.

Open 24 inserts per Fat Pack box. These include: Breakthrough, All Hands Team, Hot Rookies, Score Team, and the new Captain.

Look for 3 different ultra-rare Inserts: Game Face, Intergalactic, and the new for 2022-23 - Next Up! 

Signatures cards: 40 players including Van Basten, Nesta, Maldini, Cabrini, Bergomi, Toni, Dybala, Giroud or even Zapata!

Fat pack box contains 12 packs, each pack contains 30 cards.

The indicated content is always an average of the total number of printed packets.

Collect your favourite players and legends to make your own 11! 

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  • Terméktípus: Album és csomagok
  • Év: 2023
  • Nyelv: Angol
  • Belső terek: Színes
  • A következő országokba szállítható: Magyarország
  • szállítási forrás: Italy
28 800 Ft